The new solo project of Bart Praet, was given the name “Dawn”.

The strings of the mandola are central ... They are accompanied by the emotional sound of the duduk  and keys.

Every instrument is put through a looping station and some effects are added.

This way musical lines are interwoven to form a unity ...

Sometimes the sound is subdued and soft, sometimes it is sparkling and exuberant.

On the menu is totally new folk music, with spicy influences from other genres.

The result is a contemporary folk, based on tradition and experiences with and influences by other bands.

Early 2023 Bart is releasing a first demo cd for this project.

The DuO Praet - Masure originated from the idea of Bart Praet to make a flute CD. For this, he enlisted the help of string virtuoso Philip Masure.

Although flute and guitar play a central role, vocals have gradually been added and Bart also takes on the Uilleann Pipes. A typical Celtic sound is therefore not strange to 

these gentlemen.

Although the majority of their set consists of Celtic music, they regularly make a trip to other places. Soft influences from other genres are not avoided. All this brings a lively set that is always fascinating and varied.

Cd's for sale by mail or via

Arjaun is a band round the brothers Walter and Dirk Evenepoel. Singing songs in the local dialect of their home town. An evening of fun is


Elanor is a young Belgian folk group with roots in Ghent. In May of 2013, five seasoned musicians put their instruments together. A steaming accordion, a solid and sound hurdy-gurdy, virtuosic bagpipes and swinging flutes served in a spicy broth of bass and guitar.

The music is energetic, easy to dance to and innovative with traditional elements.
Original compositions and arrangements also allow a sitting audience to swing with pleasure.

Bert Leemans (EmBRUN, Les Boîtes, Triple-X, Variomatic) and Bart Praet have known each other for years as fellow musical countrymen. One melody after another emerged from Bart’s bagpipes and flutes. Bert eagerly caught the melodies and secretly stored them between the panels of his accordion. Some time later Bert shared the stage with Thomas Hoste (Cecilia). Presumably both hurdy-gurdy devotees stood listening to a mouth watering French hurdy-gurdy group... with a lot of desire to start working together. The three gentlemen met, the seed of Elanor had sprouted!

The trio was immediately reinforced by a finely tuned DADGAD guitar, played by the keen and young scion Kuni Quintens. Jelle Van Cleemputte (Les Bandits de Belleville) ensures with his jazzy bass lines that the drone violence is enveloped in beautiful harmonies.

In 2013, Elanor launched a demo CD, rather as a business card to organizers.
The first full CD "A Clear Look" came in the spring of 2016.


Besides being a folk musician, Bart is a composer. In this appearance, he writes music, influenced by folk, jazz, classical music and so many more styles.

Curious? On every major streaming Service you can listen to the music.